Luke Watson, Publisher and Editor, Tumut and Adelong Times
Frances Vinall has for the past year been employed as a third-year cadet journalist at the 
Tumut and Adelong Times, a bi-weekly independent newspaper published in southern NSW.
She has been a valuable team member, consistently reporting to a standard expected in a journalist of greater experience. Her proficiency has extended across a range of journalistic forms, including hard news, features and investigative reporting.
She quickly gained the confidence of her editorial supervisors and as such was handed the majority of this publication’s most substantial assignments.
Her reporting has encompassed politics and government, courts and police, environmental issues, Indigenous affairs and the broad spectrum of community matters that are a major source of information for a newspaper such as ours.
Frances’ reporting is highly-regarded in the community and her rapport with the public helped her unearth important stories that otherwise would have gone unwritten. She’s shown initiative to generate article ideas and maintained a consistent work ethic.
Along with her writing, Frances has taken photos to amplify her stories, sub-edited the work of others and undertaken page layout, as well as uploading articles and images to our website.
Her presence within the organisation has enhanced our publication and her reporting ability defines her as someone who would make a beneficial addition to any journalistic organisation.

Deb Anderson, Journalism Lecturer, Monash University
I taught Frances Vinall during her Bachelor of Journalism degree at Monash University, and am pleased to provide a reference for this talented student.

Ms Vinall is someone who works her ideas out for herself, and the written work she prepared for me during her studies was characterised by integrity and rigour. Her writing is purposeful and inventive, and it is evident every idea is carefully weighed. She is clearly capable of doing demanding intellectual work, and of applying her skills in interviewing and research to produce high-quality outputs in journalism and the professional communications sphere.
In personal interaction, Ms Vinall is mature, respectful and self-confident, and she has always contributed warmly and constructively to classroom discussions. Dedication and tenacity are critical in a communications role – and Ms Vinall possesses these qualities in spades. Among other achievements, she completed a coveted internship for The Age and took the helm as Editor of the Monash student magazine, Esperanto, all while consistently achieving well in her Journalism degree.

I imagine she is fully capable of taking independent responsibility, and she is certainly very intelligent. I recommend Ms Vinall unhesitatingly for any position that requires these capabilities.

Nicholas Jones, Founder and former Editor-In-Chief, Tone Deaf
I am writing to recommend Frances Vinall as a prospective employee.

Frances completed a three month internship with Tone Deaf, and during that time grew significantly as a writer, anchored by her impressive passion for music.
During her internship at Tone Deaf, Frances engaged in writing news, features, interviewing musicians, contributing to our reviews, engaging in editorial storyboarding, and contributing positively during meetings regarding the publication.
Over the course of the three month internship, she quickly expanded her talents as a writer, and communicator; and showed considerable skills as a planner and organiser.
It is essential that Tone Deaf interns show enthusiasm, good time management, a strong work ethic, and a creative flair. I can say without hesitation that Frances exhibits all of these qualities with abundance.
Frances also excelled with excellent interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to work independently and within a team when needed. With her abilities, adaptability, and dedication, Frances will make a great addition to any company looking to hire her.
I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased if you do.

Shannon Kirkwood, former News Editor, National Radio News
This is a letter to confirm Frances Vinall has been a contributor at National Radio News for over a year.

Frances initially completed a week’s work experience in the Newsroom in May 2008 as part of her Year 10 studies, however due to her genuine interest and enthusiasm in the service, Frances became the first non-University student to take on a contributing role at NRN in 2009.
Frances has a good news sense and has also developed strong presentation skills during her time at NRN.   She has a clear passion in journalism; this is reflected in her interviews and story selection.
Over the past year Frances has completed one four hour shift per fortnight.  Her role requires her to; research stories, conduct interviews, write stories and sport, and complete a range of administrative tasks.  Frances undertakes these responsibilities in a capacity beyond her years.
I have always found Frances to be a reliable and professional team member and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.
If you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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