Exclusive: Family’s horror after paramedic refused to send ambulance for dying domestic violence victim

Family of Kylie Cay, who died from horrific domestic violence injuries, have revealed they are still ‘haunted by thoughts of her last moments, begging for help’. Read at news.com.au

Kylie Cay was a loving woman who was focused on her family, her brother Heath Cay said. Picture: Facebook

The family of a woman who died of domestic violence injuries after Ambulance Victoria didn’t send help has shared their heartbreak after the devastating loss.

Kylie Cay was 44 when she died in June 2016 of a ruptured spleen, caused by injuries inflicted on her by partner Justin Turner — jailed for manslaughter in 2017.

Horrifying audio captured the moment the Port Fairy woman, moaning in pain, begged Ambulance Victoria for help.

The Coroners Court of Victoria last week heard a recording from Ambulance Victoria telling Ms Cay she didn’t need an ambulance because it “wasn’t a medical emergency”.

She was found dead in her home the next day.

In an emotional statement shared with NCA Newswire, Ms Cay’s brother Heath Cay said the loss of the loving mother, sister and daughter had “shattered many lives”.

The Geelong police officer said the family had requested an inquest because “such events should never be repeated”.

Ms Cay’s body was found in her home by her son and mother after Ambulance Victoria refused her pleas for an ambulance.

“We are continuously haunted by the thoughts of her last moments being in extreme pain, begging for help,” Mr Cay said.

“She died in isolation, knowing that help was not coming.

“These two people who discovered her body were unfamiliar with death, and were forced to see their loved one in the most horrible of circumstances.

“Those visions cannot be unseen.”

The coronial inquest is investigating if Ms Cay’s death was preventable, focusing on the policies of Ambulance Victoria and Corrections Victoria.

A previous court heard Ms Cay hid in a dog kennel from Turner the night he inflicted the injuries on her that would take her life.

He had smashed her feet with a hammer, punched her in the face and broken her ribs, the court heard.

Ms Cay told police he had previously strangled her until she lost consciousness.

She went to hospital and was discharged after two days — not knowing that her spleen was about to rupture as a result of the blunt force trauma.

When a friend called triple-0 on June 20, 2016, an ambulance was dispatched to help Ms Cay.

But Ambulance Victoria then cancelled the dispatch and assigned a triage paramedic to call Ms Cay instead, the court heard.

The paramedic who called her, Jarrod Freckleton, previously told the court he “would do things differently” if he had his time again.

But he said that he was “applying the appropriate protocol” when he refused her pleas for an ambulance after she told him she could not afford a taxi to hospital.

Mr Cay said two of Ms Cay’s three children were now living with their grandparents after her untimely death.

Their grandfather has gone back to work to support the children financially — cancelling retirement travel plans to instead drive cement trucks at the age of 71.

Ms Cay’s family members remain deeply affected by her death after the tragic events four years ago.

“Her death at such a young age has left her sons without the loving mother they once had,” Mr Cay said.

“Unfortunately, her caring nature was to be her downfall, trying to rehabilitate a partner who was beyond help.”

Through Robinson Gill lawyers, Mr Cay told the court last week the family’s goal was “for this tragedy to never be repeated”.

The inquest findings will be handed down in due course.

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