News of treated water at Pioneer ‘a glory moment’

Lin Simpson (right) and Jenny Bellinger are two residents who have been fighting for an inquiry into Pioneer’s drinking water.

Pioneer resident Lin Simpson was “ecstatic” to read in The Examiner on Friday that TasWater plans to deliver treated water to the town.

Mrs Simpson and other residents have been pushing for an inquiry into the handling of lead contamination at the north-eastern town, an ongoing issue since the first unsafe reading in 2010, and the revelation in 2012.

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One of the aims of an inquiry would be establishing why Pioneer has not been supplied with treated water, along with accountability for the actions of various government bodies.

“It’s brilliant,” Mrs Simpson said of TasWater’s change of position. “It’s just been such a long, arduous journey.”

“We still want the inquiry, because they should be held accountable for what they’ve done to our town … but reading that article was a bit of a glory moment.”

Mrs Simpson has kidney problems, which she believes could have been caused by consuming lead, and has two suitcases full of documents obtained through Right to Information and other records as part of her years-long battle with TasWater.

Earlier this week TasWater chief executive Michael Brewster said the water authority would supply treated water to Pioneer, if it had the unanimous support of the Dorset Council, and regulatory approval. The Dorset Council will vote on the matter at its December 16 meeting.

“We’re not worried about the council, we know they want treated water here,” Mrs Simpson said.

“That’s just a formality. But we would like a meeting with TasWater, here at the town hall at Pioneer, so we can know the timeline.”

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