Police could have prevented Ravenswood house fire: Victim

Warring Street fire
The Warring Street house destroyed by fire.

A single mother believes a fire in her home could have been prevented if police had acted faster.

Taylor Burnie, 21, was home with her three children when her Ravenswood house caught fire on Monday.

It was the fourth time the house had been targeted that day, Ms Burnie said.

She said a rock was thrown through her window about 12.45pm and that she immediately called the police, but they did not arrive.

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Two more rocks were thrown throughout the afternoon, one between 3pm and 4pm, and one shortly after 5pm. On both occasions Ms Burnie called the police again, she said, but no officers arrived.

The fire, at her Warring Street address, began at about 5.30pm. The blaze is being treated as deliberately lit by investigators.

A Tasmania Police spokesperson confirmed Ms Burnie had made the calls.

“Earlier in the day police received reports relating to windows being smashed at the address,” they said.

“Police had not yet attended the address relating to the smashed windows when the fire was reported. Upon report of the fire, emergency services immediately attended the address.”

Since the fire, Ms Burnie has been staying with friends and family. She lived in the house with her father, her sister, and her sister’s two children, and believes the premise was insured.

She was cooking dinner when she saw the smoke and flames inside her house and moved quickly to get the children out of there.

Since then, her three-year-old son keeps repeating the phrase, “my house got burned down”, and her one-year-old son hasn’t been able to sleep since they fled the house, she said.

Ms Burnie’s aunt, Natalie Brown, has organised a fundraising drive and is asking for donations in the form of women’s and children’s toys, clothes, shoes, and household items.

“This is the first time I’ve needed help with anything in my life,” Ms Burnie said.

For information on how to donate, email frances.vinall@fairfaxmedia.com.au, and with information on the crime call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

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