A guide to Mona Foma in Launceston

mona foma 2019

Originally published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

This month, after a mini-launch last year in Tasmania’s second-biggest city, Mona Foma is moving its full-scale operation to Launceston.

The music and arts festival has been run by the iconoclastic Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) in Hobart since 2008, with over half of interstate attendees from Victoria.

Its first Launceston iteration will take place on the weekend of January 18 – 20, and will be “fraught with a sense of adventure,” said festival curator (and Violent Femmes bassist) Brian Ritchie.

“Not only musical and artistic adventure but also cultural and social,” he said.

“We’re very proud of our demographic, we have a full range in our demographics from zero to people in their 90s – we have a healthy vibe.”

With a music lineup ranging from the creator to Ethio-jazz to a ’90s hip-hop legend, and art performances from dragging blank canvases to the street to a 24-hour humming session, the festival is set to completely take over the town.

For an insight into the mind of the curators, set times for musical performers by day, recommended songs and artist profiles, a guide to the art installations with an interactive map, and a few ideas for what to do while you’re in Northern Tasmania, read the full guide at The Examiner.

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