“Wom’s” 100th birthday celebration

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Longtime Tumut resident Harold ‘Wom’ Oddy has, as of Saturday, lived 100 years on this Earth.

For much of that time he could be found digging around in his Fitzroy Street garden, where many a Tumut local came calling for a bag of his famed home-grown tomatoes.

Last weekend family travelled from Queensland, Sydney, Albury and elsewhere to celebrate the patriarch’s centenary with a bash at the Golf Club.

Plenty of Tumut faces could also be seen, coming together for a man who has been a part of many local lives.

One of Wom’s granddaughter’s, Leanne Biilmann, created a bespoke gardening-themed cake, while another granddaughter, Leisa Gustafson, shared some of her childhood memories of her pop.

“We have so many fond memories of going to visit you in your house: climbing the big tree and waving to people as they passed in Fitzroy Street, and more often than not they’d come in to purchase something from the garden,” she said.

“We used to bag up your tomatoes and cucumbers – and eat them like apples, I remember, always with plenty of salt! And we always knew where your stash of Tim Tams were. Good memories, and I’m sure you have plenty of those over 100 years.”

Wom was born in Blowering in 1917.

He worked in a number of jobs away from Tumut as an adult, before moving back to the family farm, eventually transitioning into his Fitzroy Street home.

Many would know him from his time as captaining the cricket team, and he is currently a resident at Bupa. 

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