Tumut Takes 2 raises $87K

Tumut front_Layout 1

The Tumut Takes 2 performers have pulled off a phenomenal feat.

Months of rehearsing and a packed calendar of fundraising events culminated in a hugely entertaining spectacle of a show last weekend, along with an announcement of the figure that the performers fundraised for local charities.

This year, that figure was a mind-blowing $87,000∗.

The Tumut Takes 2 concept is a work of genius: pair a local personality with a local singer (the local singers often being much-loved themselves) and pit them against each other in a live spectacular of sequins, funky dance moves, and good-natured hilarity.

In the lead-up, encourage them to throw all manner of fun events for the community to enjoy, with the money raised going towards their respective final tallies.

This year, the dynamic duo that beat out the rest was not a surprise. The highly charismatic Emma Peacock and Emily Post convinced the community to hand over $8307.65 for their chosen charity, Riverina Bluebell, an organisation that fights mental illness in the region.

Along with the People’s Choice winner decided by their fundraising pull the performers also have to win over the judges, with nice judge Sue Bailey giving the participants plenty of loving encouragement, and mean judge Hugh Packard cutting them back down again.

All of the singing pairs performed brilliantly, but Hugh and Sue awarded first prize to the first pair out of the gate, Megan Gould and Jordan Frail, fundraising for Franklin Primary School.

People’s Choice runner-up was Kate Osgood and Anna Thomas, who came up with over $7000 for SMART Animal Sanctuary and Rehoming Centre, and the judges second choice was Cooryna Ackroyd and Jess Crossman’s lusty performance of ‘I Want You to want Me,’ delivered to a cardboard Fabio cut-out.

Of course, the real winner of the night was event organiser Jess Coleman, who absolutely deserved the massive round of applause she got when she was called on stage. 

∗This number has since been revised to $93k after an official count. 

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