Break and enters up 200 per cent

Break and enter dwellings are up 200 per cent in Tumut, according to the latest statistics from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research. The report measures crime levels from March 2016 to March 2017, and complements a previous report showing that break and enters rose 240 per cent in 2015/16.

There were 81 instances of breaking and entering a dwelling in 2016, against 27 in 2015. There were also significantly higher rates of stealing from motor vehicles, with 110 instances in 2016 that were reported to police against 50 the year before.

Many of those involved unlocked cars, with some residents not responding to repeated pleas from police for everyone to lock their vehicles and secure items on Ute trays when they are unattended.

There were also more occasions of the motor vehicles themselves being stolen, 25 last year against only 19 the year before.

Steal from person doubled, but only from two cases to four.

There were 31 instances of steal from retail store last year, with only 11 the year before, and steal from dwelling has also risen by 100 per cent. There were increased cases of fraud, with 39 frauds reported in 2016 and only 20 in 2015. However, on a happier note, domestic violence related assaults have gone down, from 78 instances to 69, thanks to local police making fighting this crime a priority.

Non-domestic violence related assaults dropped slightly from 50 to 48, as did sexual assaults, from nine cases in 2015 to only five last year that are known to police. Indecent assault cases also dropped, from 17 to 11, as did break and enter non-dwellings, from 37 to 34 instances. There was one robbery in both reporting periods.

The most popular crime in Tumut is malicious damage to property, with 181 instances last year, ten less than in 2015.

Unsurprisingly, there were no murders in either 2015 or 2016.

Despite the significant number of rises, however, Tumut still has pretty good rates of crime per population compared with the rest of NSW. The only crimes we have a significantly higher rate of are break and enter non-dwelling, with a rate of 2 against the NSW average of 1, and steal from dwelling, with a whopping rate of 2.7 against the NSW average of 1 – nearly triple the rest of the state.


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