Gift from a benevolent stranger

Abbey Hobson
Abbey Hobson can now make sustainable bags with her overlocker, which was given to her by a stranger who heard about her love of sewing.

A Canberra woman, at the end of her life and suffering from dementia, has donated her overlocker sewing machine to a young Tumut girl she’s never met.

Abbey Hobson, aged nine, has been going along to the Boomerang Bags sewing bees with her mum Amanda, who is organising the initiative.

She has a sewing machine of her own at home, but an overlocker, which retails at about $500, has so far been a bit out of her reach.

However, the overlocker came to be passed on to her after the Canberra woman heard about her through other people at the sewing bee. She’s certainly not doing it for the praise; Abbey doesn’t even know her name.

“The owner that had it before me, she got very sick, and she wanted to leave it with someone who shared the same passion as her, because she loved to sew,” Abbey said.

“I haven’t met her, but when I finish my first bag I’m going to send it to her with a little letter to say thank you.”

An overlocker is great for sewing bags, as it cuts material at the same time as it sews, which stops the edges from fraying.

Abbey is looking forward to using it contribute to the Boomerang Bags project, which involves creating free sustainable bags for the community, and she’ll also use it on other sewing projects that take her fancy.

“Whenever my nan used to sew I would always go and sit with her and watch her do it,” Abbey explained.

“I am quite into sewing, and always look forward to using my sewing machine.”

For the Hobsons the whole family gets involved, not only in sewing as a hobby, but in getting the overlocker to Abbey in the first place.

“It was a coordinated effort!” laughed Amanda.

“Abbey’s aunt picked it up and shipped it off to the grandparents. Then we met her grandparents at Yass on Sunday afternoon and brought it the rest of the way!

“It’s pretty exciting, she’s stoked.”

Boomerang Bags will launch on April 20, with help from Abbey Hobson and her new overlocker.

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