Stabbing in Quandong Ave

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Donna Paton and Gary Pani were in their home on Quandong Avenue in the early hours of Saturday morning, when they were woken up to the sound of someone screaming for an ambulance.

They went outside to find Ms Paton’s nephew Michael Elphick in a critical condition after being stabbed multiple times, at approximately 2.15am.

“I came out here and found him on the front porch bleeding everywhere,” said Mr Pani.

“We called an ambulance and stopped the police while they were patrolling.”

Mr Elphick was yelling the name of the person who allegedly attacked him over and over, they said, and police promptly made an arrest.

“He kept saying that [the alleged perpetrator] was the one who had stabbed him,” Ms Paton said.

She said Mr Elphick was already in a severe condition by the time he made his way to her front porch.

“I’m just glad that it happened here, near to us, because if it happened even a little bit up the road he would have bled out!” she said.

“I can’t even think about what would have happened if it happened somewhere else.”

The man police arrested was reportedly in a car on Quandong Avenue with his partner and young daughter when he was handcuffed and taken to Tumut Police Station. He has been charged with malicious wounding and assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

Mr Elphick was urgently transferred to Tumut Hospital. From there he was airlifted to Canberra Hospital, where it is believed he has been recovering well.

Police said they understood Mr Elphick’s injuries were not life threatening.

The TA Times spoke with Ms Paton and Mr Pani on midday Saturday, at which time they hadn’t had an opportunity to sleep or finish cleaning up the blood-splattered porch. They were exhausted from talking to the police, paramedics, and forensic team that they had been surrounded by since 2am, and that were there until past 10am.

“We’re in shock,” said a visibly distressed Ms Paton.

“We’re trying to get up the energy to get all the blood cleaned up.”

Ms Paton and Mr Pani believe the attack occurred as part of a robbery of Mr Elphick by the perpetrator, based on what Mr Elphick communicated to them while they were anxiously waiting for an ambulance.

However, they stress that they have not had an opportunity to properly ascertain the facts.

“We don’t know the full story,” she said.

The alleged perpetrator was granted bail at a special bail court hearing in Wagga, and will face Tumut Local Court on February 27.

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