Adelong skate day

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Adelong kids learned some new skills from Sydney pros at the skate park on Sunday.

Kids of all ages turned out at the Adelong Skate Park on Sunday afternoon, to have some fun and learn some new skills from professional skaters.

The workshop was run by Sydney group Totem Skateboarding, who frequently travel to this part of the world during summer to run classes with local kids, and was put together by the Snowy Valleys Council.

This time round they brought pro skater Chris Vaughan with them, who is sponsored by clothing company Etnies.

Snowy Valleys Youth Activities Officer Evan Saunders said he appreciated the guys from Totem, run by David and Nigel Cameron, coming down for the activities.

“They’ve been putting on free lessons all day, and we put on a barbecue as well – but these guys do all the work,” he said.

He said a further roughly twenty skaters participated in Tumbarumba’s comp and lessons earlier in the day.

In between the two sessions the team also found time for a bit of a swim at Adelong Falls, which they said was a highlight of the trip. 


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