Council hands out $1.4 million

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Fifty-nine community groups in the Snowy Valleys Council region will receive a combined $1.4 million in grants over the next few weeks.

The funding comes from the Stronger Communities Fund, a state government package that was given as part of the amalgamation of Tumut and Tumbarumba councils.

Snowy Valleys Council Administrator Paul Sullivan announced the successful grant recipients on Monday.

The Sounds of the Mountains community radio station is one of those recipients, finding themselves on the receiving end of $50,000.

Station manager Dave Eisenhauer said the money will greatly improve the station’s ability to communicate vital information during emergencies.

“It’s to replace transmission infrastructure. There’s the site in Talbingo, and then there’s the studio link, and all the equipment’s all out of date,” he said.

“The batteries that are being replaced are all past their expiry date, and that’s for our emergency broadcast, through fires and floods and things like that. So we’ll replace the transmitters and the batteries.”

They will also use part of the grant money to upgrade their weather stations in the area, allowing them to give their listeners accurate and up-to-date information about weather events happening locally.

“There’s no official weather station in the region, our closest weather comes from Young, or from Wagga. We rely on groups like Gundagai Floods and local guesstimates,” he said.

“We have this weather station network in all the major towns, they’re about ten years old and they’re all made of plastic. They’ve all just disintegrated on the rooftops of rural fire stations and places like that. So part of it, around seven or eight grand’s worth, will go to upgrading all the weather stations.

“We were pretty lucky to get [a grant], I think they were pretty hotly contested.”

Funding amounts range from $489 for the Tumbarumba Camera Club to $50,000 for the Sounds of the Mountains, the Batlow RSL Club, and nine other organisations.

Seventeen grants will go to Tumut based organisations; 16 to Tumbarumba, 10 to Batlow, six to Khancoban, three to Brungle, and one each to organisations from Adelong, Talbingo, Jingellic, Rosewood, and Tooma.

However, forty applicants did not end up receiving funding through this grant package.

Snowy Valleys Administrator Paul Sullivan said unsuccessful applicants should contact the council to receive feedback for future funding applications.

“I strongly encourage those organisations whose grant applications were unsuccessful to contact Council’s grant project leader and have a discussion on why their project wasn’t funded under the Stronger Communities program,” he said.

“And I wish to remind the community that council has staff that can assist with the preparation of a grant application, should community organisations wish to apply for funding under other grant programs. Just give us a call.”

He said unsuccessful applicants can review the feedback from the assessment panel on Council’s website or can contact the grant project leader, Mrs Trudy Crawford on 02 6941 2542 or email

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