Hijacked writer profile: Frances Vinall

Hijacked (now Uni Junkee) wrote the following profile of me after I wrote one of their five most viewed stories of the year

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It’s been one helluva first year for us folk at Hijacked. Letting the good times roll, we’re looking back at some of the year’s best and biggest stories and the talented journalists who penned them to celebrate the year that was.

In November this year it was hard to avoid the controversy surrounding the notoriously scummy ‘dating coach’ Julien Blanc when his ‘pick-up’ club was refused by venues across Melbourne. After hearing work of the club’s improvised location, we commissioned Monash journalism student Frances Vinall, to cover the action. Her piece, Melbourne protestors shut down seminar by pick-up artist Julien Blanc was one of Hijacked’s biggest yet and here’s how Frances felt about it.

HJCKD: Why was this story important to you?

Frances Vinall: I’d always found the idea of “pick-up artistry” – treating women as sex objects to be manipulated and coerced rather than as human beings – to be creepy and degrading, and I considered Blanc’s outright promotion of sexual harassment to be particularly damaging. I was curious to see how the protests would pan out. A lot of my work for Hijacked has been event coverage in an attempt to convey the mood and atmosphere of a particular occasion and I was excited to try and communicate the events of this night to readers.

HJCKD: What has been your favourite moment of 2014?

FV: My favourite part of 2014 was having the opportunity to work as the editor of Monash Caulfield’s student publication, Esperanto Magazine. It was amazing to work with many of the incredibly talented journalism and visual communications students at Monash to put together something we felt passionate about.

HJCKD: Describe the state of Australian politics in 20 words or less.

FV: Depressing.

HJCKD: Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

FV: In five years I would like to be writing about politics, society, and culture for an Australian magazine or website. I would hope that the kind of work I am doing is meaningful, interesting, and challenging, but to be honest I would just settle for a job!

HJCKD: Who are your favourite Hijacked writers and why?

FV: I always look forward to reading the work of Emma Nobel and Nirvana Bhandary who’re both talented Monash students.

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