Esperanto Magazine: the Sex Edition

Originally published through Esperanto Magazine


I was the editor of Esperanto Magazine for the Exploration Edition, which involved commissioning and editing all articles; working with contributors to help bring out their best; and working in a tight close-knit team with the art director and marketing director, to create a cohesive whole that made us all proud.

Message from Esperanto:

Is there anything more vital to the human experience than sex?

It’s necessary for the continuation of our species. It drives pop culture, popping up in our music, our movies and our art. It’s a crazy good time (if you’re doing it right.) It teaches us about ourselves; it allows us to grow. Sex is beautiful.

It’s also mysterious. The naked bodies we see most often are commodified and perfect. They consist of bouncing breasts and rippling abs, tight stomachs and huge biceps. They are dehumanised body parts, used to sell. The common narratives around sex are contradictory and confusing. Everyone’s doing it. People who do it are sluts. It’s a source of pride. It’s shameful.

With this utter insanity in mind, we’ve decided to dedicate this issue to the reality of sex. We’re going to try and break down some of the misconceptions and hopefully leave you feeling a little bit more comfortable about the whole thing. You’ll find a photo shoot of normal, naked bodies; the truth about what’s under the clothes you see passing you every day in the street. We’re releasing the results of our sex survey, revealing the sexual habits of Caulfield Campus. There’s personal experiences written by our amazing contributors, and opinion pieces on topics we should definitely all be talking about.


Frances, Jess and Sarah
Sex Goddesses of Esperanto


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Exploration Edition Playlist
Aural pleasure courtesy of Mary Harmer

Cruising the Beats
Bryan Phillips’s top tips for having public sex with strangers whilst not being a dick.

The Virgin Diaries
Esperanto’s Art Director Jess Bong opens up about her decision to remain a virgin until marriage.

Real Bodies
Brave and beautiful Melburnians bare all to show what human beings actually look like (hint: it’s pretty different to what you see in porn and pop culture). 

Where Two
Monash student Matty Smith captures captures moments of calm on film in this photo spread.

I Got the Magic
Ruby Elkins explains how we would all relax if we would just embrace the humble vibrator. 

A Monash Sex Survey
What your fellow Monash students are getting up to between the sheets. 

The Kind of Sex You Don’t Talk About
Dussy Kuttner discovers sex trafficking is not just something that happens overseas.

I Went to an American Apparel Modelling Try-Out
Jessica Margot finds out what actually happens at this popular brand, and explores it through a feminist lens. 

No Glove No Love
Anna Harcourt is pleading with you to please just put a fucking condom on it. 

 Grey Rape
It’s shocking how many people are okay with nonconsensual sex if you don’t call it rape, as Frances Vinall explains. 


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