Esperanto Magazine: the Exploration Edition

Originally published through Esperanto Magazine

I was the editor of Esperanto Magazine for the Exploration Edition, which involved commissioning and editing all articles; working with contributors to help bring out their best; and working in a tight close-knit team with the art director and marketing director, to create a cohesive whole that made us all proud.

Message from Esperanto

This is our broadest theme of the year. It was an experiment in interpretation: we wanted to see what our brilliant contributors could come up with when we gave them something as broad as ‘exploration.’ They didn’t disappoint.

We have plenty of stories about personal exploration. Aleczander Gamboa discovered that Grindr isn’t just for sex – it can also be a salve for loneliness. Renee Newbury transitioned from male to female while she was at university, and she told Mary Harmer all about it. Michelle Shelley, on the other hand, found herself confronted when she visited asylum seekers stuck in indefinite detention.

Then, of course, there’s exploring the physical world. Whether that be local – think Phirin Ha’s guide to urban exploring in Melbourne – or global – like Vitaly Demidov’s experience climbing 27 mountains in three months – we hope we’ve inspired you to get out there and have an adventure.

So after all this – what is exploration? Exploration is about doing something new. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone, and investigating what’s out there. As Sinead Halliday and Anna Harcourt discovered, there’s nothing like a change to trigger falling in love, or having some awesome sexcapades. It’s about growth, opening your mind, and letting new experiences in.

We learnt a lot putting together this issues. We hope you do too when you read it.


Frances, Jess, and Sarah
Fellow wanderlusters 


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Exploration Edition Playlist
Mary Harmer has put together the soundtrack for you to listen to while you explore this edition of Esperanto.

Aint No Mountain High Enough
Frances Vinall brings you the story of Vitaly Demidov, a 24-your-old former army man who decided to teach himself to climb mountains, by venturing to 28 peaks in three months. 

War and Peace
Robert Shumoail-Albazi chats with artist Igor Grubic about his latest film, Monument, which centres on nine monuments built in former Yugoslavia during World War II.  

Designer, artist, and Monash student Zach Beltsos-Russo explores visuals that make us squirm in his fun, confronting and fascinating works.

Satellites and the Search for El Dorado
William Field-Papuga explains how modern technology is adding a new dimension to the search for the mythical lost city of gold. 

The Surprising Humanity of Grindr
Aleczander Gamboa used the app we think of as sleazy to make a genuine human connection. 

Eat, Build, Love
Emily Neilsen channels Elizabeth Gilbert on a trip building houses in rural France. 

Sometimes exploration isn’t a choice: Michelle Shelley visits a detention centre.

Young, Wild and Free
Two Esperanto writers on how travel exhibits our inhibitions, with Sinead Halliday exploring love and Anna Harcourt exploring sex. 

Exploring Gender: What it’s Like to Transition From Male to Female
Renee Newbury talks to Mary Harmer about her transition while a student at Monash. 

The Esperanto Guide to Urban Exploring
Phirin Ha shares his secrets on the best hidden spots of abandoned and wild beauty in Melbourne.

Impressions of an Asian Tiger
Julia McConnichie on what she learned as an international student in Malaysia. 

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